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Common Sense Nutritional Therapy in  Puyallup, WA
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We welcome your interest and your questions!

Call us at 360-477-1930.

Please send email to:

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Sherry Fry, NTP is available to speak at your event!
A gifted teacher, she truly enjoys sharing her discoveries
in this field and is glad to address your group or event.

Send postal mail to:
Common Sense Nutritional Therapy
10614 Canyon Rd East
Puyallup, WA. 98373

Nutrition Office Location:
Common Sense Nutritional Therapy @RODY HEALTH
10614 Canyon Rd East
Puyallup, WA. 98373
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Business Hours:
by appointment only.

Common Sense Nutritional Therapy - Puyallup, WA - Steve Fry, C.H.F.S. & Sherry Fry, N.T.P & C.H.F.S.
Call us at 360-477-1930 - Where your health challenges are met with common sense and whole foods!

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Live Bread Shoppe in  Puyallup WA - Steve and Sherry Fry