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Common Sense Nutritional Therapy  Puyallup WA
CSNT Sales Policies

All Sales
are Final

No cancellations, exchanges or refunds. Thank you for placing your orders thoughtfully.

If you like what we have done, please tell everybody!! If you don't, tell us!!

or Questions?
contact us.

Our Privacy Policy

It's Simple: We do not sell, rent or trade your name, address, telephone number, email address, or purchase history, EVER.

Shipping Store Items

We act immediately to pack and ship your order without delay! For this reason, we usually cannot combine orders or add last-minute additions to your order.

If we can package your ordered items in a manner that will allow for additional items with no extra shipping charges, we will always contact you!

Secure Online

We proudly partner with PayPal for online payments.

PayPal is the global leader in online payments! It offers our customers a reliable environment for making online payments.

Alternatively, to place an order by phone, just call us at 360-477-1930.

Common Sense Nutritional Therapy - Puyallup, WA - Steve Fry, C.H.F.S. & Sherry Fry, N.T.P & C.H.F.S.
Call us at 360-477-1930 - Restoring YOUR health without side effects!

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